No Prep/Minimal Prep Veneers

          No prep or minimal prep veneers are a type of veneer. They are pain free, and can transform your smile in no time. They are extremely thin, and made of a type of porcelain known as E-max . Unlike traditional veneers, these can be applied directly to your teeth. There is no to very little shaving of the tooth, and no anesthesia or shots.

           Veneers will give you permanent whitening with no staining or discoloration. You can use these veneers for the purposes of strengthening, shaping, and lengthening teeth. Many adults find this a wonderful option when braces have been considered. If you have a bite that is not too complicated, this type of veneers will change the alignment and shape of your teeth. They will help to restore, straighten and help prevent wear to the natural tooth.

          These type of veneers can take a lot more skill when it comes to color management. The shaping of the teeth is trickier as well. This is why you will be at an advantage seeking the specialized skills of Dr. Beau Keller and Dr. Andrew Keller, who have had specific training on placement of these special veneers . Call or text (425) 409-9999 to schedule your consultation with Da Vinci Dental to see if you are a candidate for No prep/Minimal prep veneers .