Olive was born in Snoqualmie, WA in 2014 and joined Da Vinci Dental at the age of 7 weeks. Being a AKC registered purebred French Bulldog, Olive decided to put aside her show dog bloodlines and use her adorable manner to help ease patients daily. Olive became a registered therapy dog at the age of 1 and now looks forward to coming into work every day. Each morning Olive likes to sit by the open front door so her building regulars can stop by and say hi. The majority of her day is spent napping in-between greeting patients or playing tug of war in the waiting room. She is very calm at work, never barks or licks, but loves a good sniff.

On her days off, Olive enjoys short walks in downtown Bellevue and hours at the dog park. She enjoys sticking her head out of the car window on a nice day. And sunbathing on her balcony until she starts panting. If Olive had the opportunity, she would play fetch at Bellevue park every second of the day. Olive absolutely loves children, especially infants, when she sees a stroller she gets so excited her ears go back and her body starts to wiggle.