Drill-Free Veneers™

Thin.    Durable.    Beautiful. 

( Actual Patient of Da Vinci Dental )

DRILL-FREE Veneers™ created by Dr. Keller are exclusive to Da Vinci Dental 

Hand Crafted to a gorgeous and natural appearing perfection. 

The latest E-max Porcelain is extraordinarily strong (4 times stronger than previous porcelains) allowing us to make veneers amazingly thin. These can be placed directly over your teeth with ZERO DRILLING!

The photo above demonstrates a durable and thin Veneer being placed directly onto and untouched tooth. With E-max we can make Veneers thin enough which require no drilling and no pain, yet still provide stunning smile enhancing results. 

Up close photo demonstrating how thin and natural appearing Drill-free veneers can be. 

Latest Laboratory techniques can create Veneers with exceptional gloss, color, and translucent properties. They can mimic natural teeth so well, it can be nearly impossible for others to know whether or not you were born with your new smile makeover. 

What are Drill-Free Veneers?

Drill-free veneers are very thin (contact lens thickness) porcelain veneers that are bonded onto the outer surfaces of your teeth. This is an extremely conservative approach as the teeth are not drilled or prepared in any way. It is ideal for patients who are looking to have a smile enhancement, but who do not wish to have their teeth cut down. They provide accurate fitting, highly aesthetic smile with amazing strength.





This means a more conservative approach to gaining the new smile that you want. Also, since very little enamel is removed, the bonds formed between the new teeth veneers and your own teeth are incredibly strong. This makes this treatment for a long term outcome.




No drilling means no pain. No drilling also means no injections and hence no discomfort. This treatment is a painless process. It's that simple!



At Da Vinci Dental we are dedicated to customized smiles. We use our smile design principals in creating a natural smile with an end result of a beautiful smile that you can be immensely proud of.




Since your enamel is not being removed, the likelihood of you developing sensitivity after treatment is very much reduced. 

How long will the Drill-Free Veneers take?

The entire treatment can take a minimum of 3 appointments. Although the treatment uses the Drill-free Veneer techniques, it still follows the same Da Vinci Dental signature protocols in designing any new smile. This means that you will be fitted with a Trial Smile that Dr. Keller will create for you allowing you greater control of your end result.

The Trial Smile is fabricated in wax first over a stone model of your teeth (as seen in the picture below). The Trial Smile is then temporarily fitted over your teeth for a few days. It gives you the opportunity to literally “try-out” your new smile before you have the final porcelain veneers fitted. Dr. Keller will then be able to make any necessary adjustments before the final veneers are fitted. This ensures you get precisely the look you are seeking with your new smile.

Your Trial Smile is fabricated in wax over a stone copy of your teeth as seen here. This is then transferred to your actual teeth (temporarily) so you can see exactly what your veneers will look like on you and make any changes you'd like.

Who should consider obtaining Drill Free Veneers?

You may be an ideal candidate if you: 

  • Need to brighten your teeth

  • Have spacing between your teeth

  • Have a narrow smile

  • Have small teeth

  • Your teeth are not straight

  • You want a fuller smile

  • You don’t want any drilling

  • You don’t want orthodontic braces

  • You don’t like pain

  • You want minor improvements

  • You want a great new smile

  • You want a quick and simple procedure

How does Dr. Keller plan and design your treatment?

          The process starts with a FREE Smile Consultation where we discuss your needs and requirements with Digital Smile Design to help you visualize the possibilities. At this stage, we are able to assist you with potential options available to you. Depending on your requirements, we can customize and tailor-make individual treatments plans to suit your needs and budgets. You can opt for simple procedures to more complex involved treatments to obtain your beautiful new smile. Our aim is answer all of your questions and provide you with the advantages and disadvantages. 

           We will present you with a computer-aided smile analysis and a hand crafted Trial Preview, giving you the opportunity to see your new smile before we even touch your teeth. We also use Bite Analysis technology to ensure a long lasting, comfortable and a healthy final result. All cosmetic cases will be assessed in detail by Dr. Beau Keller or Dr. Andrew Keller. After assessment, they will be able to design a smile enhancement based on your requirements. Treatment options chosen that are based on No Preparation (No Drill) or Minimal Preparation will be advised upon suitability for that treatment after detailed evaluation.

          Some cases, predominantly no preparation may involve subtle smoothing, finishing or micro contouring using the drill to achieve the most optimal result. This will be discussed with you beforehand if it applies to you. However, these treatments still fall under the category of conservative dentistry.